Build Your Own Arcade Controls
The Barrel Spinner

Chris has another idea on how to build a spinner, and documented it for us here ...

I first tried to make a spinner with a plastic twist knobshaft found inside "Degree" deodorant. This was soon scrapped as the results were poor, but smelled good! that version of my spinner I had broken off alternate spokes on the x axis "wagon wheel" as pointed out on the Twisty Grip website.

I was able to dial it ok but free spinning seemed to happen too quick for the x axis optics to see. The result was the claw in Tempest stalled, etc...

So, I "re-thunk" it and came up with a new version that works fine both slow dialing and fast spinning. I call it a Barrel Spinner.

I work at a print shop so I printed a 1200dpi Barrel Band like the one in the diagram. Hanging black bars to be wrapped around a plastic cap. This was then shot on film so the band would be black & clear. This band floats so it passes between the two optic sensors for the mouse x axis when spinning.

You could probably use Avery clear labels and a home printer to create the band. I used the cap from my previous deodorant spinner as my cap, you can use any you choose.

The black and clear bars are 3 points wide. 9 points = 1/8 inch.  Try something close to that.

The barrel spinner is different in one major way. Normally the wagon wheel of the X Axis mounts to the side of the optics and the spokes spin between the two sensors.  This forces you to vertically mount the mouse circuit board.  This is how the Twisty Grip is set up.

The barrel spinner mounts top-down straight over the optics.  The mouse circuit board then can be mounted flat as if you just pulled the top off it resting on the table.  One sensor inside the band and one outside.  Also the barrel hangs without touching the mouse circuit board.  See the diagram.

By using bigger black & clear bars on the band I think the optics see the changes better when spinning. I can now do free spinning turns in Super Sprint and full spins in Tempest work as well.


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