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PlayStation Force Feedback
The force feedback interface is shown below:

PlayStation Interface

Please take care when hooking up the 9V supply! Incorrect hookup may cause problems with the pad or printer port. Do not attempt to power the shock motor from your parallel port, this will not work and could cause damage to the port.

I've only got a few games to test the interface on, and most work just fine within the pad's simple limitations. A known issue with Flight Simulator 98 is that after a crash no shock vibrations will be felt. The simple workaround is to deselect "Crash Effects" in the forces setup dialog. Other games seem to work fine with some tweaking.

Note to Users of Genuine Sony Dual-Shock Pads

I've been informed that the first time force feedback is initialized in the game your pads may switch from analog to digital mode. There's no workaround other than to just reselect analog mode on the pad. My clone pad uses a physical switch so it doesn't suffer from this problem, so can't I debug it.

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