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Once you've got the interface built, it's time to install the drivers so that Windows can communicate with it. Go to the "Control Panels" window, and select the "Game Controllers" icon.

Select the "Add..." button in the Game Controllers window, then select "Add Other..." and "Have Disk..." in the windows that appear. Specify the path into which you've extracted the .ZIP file, and hit OK.

Select "DirectPad Pro Controller" from the list (this version does not have individual drivers for each joystick type). You will then be returned to the "Add Game Controller" dialog. For the second time, select the "DirectPad Pro Controller" and you're almost done. If you're running a Dual-Shock controller and want force feedback, select the "DirectPad Pro Force Feedback Controller" from the listing, after performing the "Have Disk" operation.

Finally, double-click on the newly installed joystick. Use the dialogs to configure to the proper interface, parallel port, and controller ID (when using multiple controllers).

If you're using multiple controllers you need to repeat this exercise for as many pads as you have connected.

A new tab, "Advanced" has been added to the control panel to allow you to control the rate the computer clocks your PSX and SNES pads. Don't change the default value unless your pad isn't functioning properly. Values from 3-10 are reasonable settings to try, with larger numbers being "more compatible."

Laptop Users Only

DirectPad Pro requires certain files from the standard joystick driver to function properly. To use DirectPad Pro on a laptop without a gameport it is necessary to force Windows to add gameport support. Do this via Start->Control Panels->Add Hardware->Sound, Video, Game Controllers->Microsoft->Gameport Joystick. Then install the DirectPad Pro drivers per the instructions above.

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