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Saturn Digital and Analog
The Saturn analog controller is now fully functional thanks to more work with Tom Berrodin.

All diodes are standard signal (1N914) diodes:

To identify pin 1 on the Saturn controller plug, hold the plug right-side up and look at the pins. The leftmost pin is pin 1, the rightmost is pin 9.

The Saturn interface had to be modified slightly to support analog controllers. If you've built one already, the modification to make your old one match the schematic is simple:

  1. Remove the diode from pin DB25-4
  2. Remove the connections between the DB9-4 and DB9-9 of both pads.
    (i.e. DB9-4 is no longer connected to DB25-5, just DB25-4 without the diode.)
  3. Wire pin DB25-4 straight through to both DB9-4s

If you're just running a digital pad and have an interface built already, it will still work. It just won't support plugging an analog controller into it.

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